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Continuous thermographic inspection of dies and tools.


Thermographic system for detection of short circuits in electrolytic cells.


Elevated Skin Temperature (EST).


Unattended early fire detection and prevention


Thermographic system for monitoring and control of emissions and leaks.

bcbMonitor 4.0

Thermographic monitoring for a variety of processes in the industry


Thermographic test booths for laboratory.


Advanced thermographic system for research and development.


Unattended thermographic monitoring of rotary equipment.



The automation series of FLIR cameras are ideal for automated inspections in complex monitoring applications (critical equipment, production, product quality and even fire prevention). Their configuration and integration to the bcbMonitor 4.0 permits having multiple measurement tools and alarms.


Science cameras from FLIR allow the visualization of temperatures across the entire target, quickly identifying heat dissipation problems. These cameras offer the sensitivity, spatial resolution, frame rate, and integration time required to detect fast changes in temperature.

Optical Gas Imaging

These FLIR cameras can detect and visualize different types of gases, allowing you to monitor gas leaks in remote and/or hazardous areas. Through continuous monitoring, it is possible to detect dangerous and costly leaks of hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds and take immediate action.


Years of experience in the market


Ford Fiesta Model B2xx cluster Inspected


Heliostats calibrated in solar thermal plants throughout the world


Patents in heliostat multi-calibration and heartbeat measurement using interferometry (SMI)

We are bcbbcb is a Spanish engineering and technology company, with a presence in Spain and Mexico, specialized in thermographic monitoring systems, with multiple applications in Industry, Science and Research.

What bcb does

As FLIR integrators, bcb offers solutions with high added value, using the most advanced cameras, adapted to the specific needs of each thermographic monitoring application, from a customized and global perspective for both industry and science.

Our software platform bcbMonitor 4.0®, integrated with thermal imaging cameras and other complementary technologies, allows to offer the most complete monitoring solutions for each process, in line with the specific needs of the clients.

The Know How

The inspection and spectral analysis ensure traceability and repeatability improving the quality of the different processes and products; allow machinery monitoring, electrical switchgear and critical equipment monitoring, and/or improving the diagnosis and treatment of diverse diseases, ailments and injuries.

Besides being an official supplier and integrator of FLIR thermal imaging cameras, bcb develops customized systems and solutions based on thermographic monitoring, according to customer needs.

bcb has an extensive experience in Spanish (CDTI) and European (FP5, FP7, H2020) projects over more than 15 years, in fields related to thermography, artificial vision in general, and Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and related technologies.


  • bcb participated in the program Cultura Emprende on Radio Intereconomía

    Represented by our CEO, Javier Bezares, bcb had the pleasure of being invited to the program Cultura Emprende, hosted by Ángel Calvo Mañas and with the participation of Alejandra Ron-Pedrique and Víctor Delgado. The invitation was received from the AIMEA association, which is precisely chaired by Víctor Delgado. In the interview, Javier spoke about the

  • Thermographic monitoring in Die Casting

    The foundry processes allow to obtain products with high resistance, hardness, lightness, good finishes and therefore high added value. To obtain these results in the parts, a correct control of the process variants must be in place. A very important variant is the temperature, large differences in temperature in the part or in the die

  • Thermographic monitoring in Hot Stamping

    In the automotive industry every day there are new advances and challenges in the processes. A very important variant in these processes is temperature, which is why manufacturers opt for integrated thermography solutions. An example of these solutions is the control of temperature in hot stamping (Hot Stamping) in order to achieve a special microstructure


bcb is a technological engineering company, official distributor and integrator of FLIR thermal imaging cameras, and experts in innovative customized solutions.