Checking billets for rhomboidity: A success story celebrated by FLIR

Celsa Group is one of the most important European steel companies worldwide. It currently has a presence in 8 countries and in recent months the integration of 4.0 technologies and innovations has increased significantly.

bcb has developed a custom thermographic system for Celsa Group that integrates Teledyne FLIR technology to guarantee optimal conditions for production processes in all environments, no matter how harsh or unforgiving.

One of these processes is continuous casting, a process that handles a high volume of production and therefore the quality comparison of all its pieces is a great challenge.

In search of an automated system for checking the rhomboidity of her billets, Celsa approached bcb , who devised a system based on thermography for piece-by-piece verification of the head and tail of her lengths. The system is also assisted by laser sensors that allow to know exactly the variable distance of the face of the product.

It should be noted that it is also a very aggressive environment in terms of temperatures and dirt, which is why bcb conditions both the infrared sensor and the laser in water-cooled protective casings.

The sophisticated processing software incorporates high vision analytics, offering a precision of ±13mm. It incorporates Big Data technology for the processing of recorded data and process feedback.

We invite you to read our success story published by our Key Industrial Partner Teledyne FLIR