bcb – Advanced Factories 4.0

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Advanted Factorie has exceeded all expectations, with 12,314 congressmen and professional visitors who have passed through the fair during these three days, exceeding 9,000 last year

bcb, was present in Barcelona from March 13 to 15, with its own stand, as experts in continuous infrared thermography and online for industrial applications, being also distributors (and integrators) in Spain, Portugal and Mexico of Teledyne FLIR, the largest manufacturer in the world of this type of sensors.

On Tuesday, March 13, bcb participated in the round table of “sensors and electronics 4.0”, along with other speakers, within the Advant Factories Congress.

He explained his vision on the use of infrared thermography, within IoT, to allow complete traceability and ensure a complete repeatability of the production process within industry 4.0.

Related to the same subject, bcb also gave a presentation , whose title was: Use of infrared thermography within Industry 4.0: repeatability and traceability with Teledyne FLIR.

The use of infrared thermography in Industry 4.0 impacts directly on the business model and the results of the companies. In the presentation, bcb talked to us as much about the reduction of productive costs with the reduction of waste, energy saving and the elimination of the defective product as soon as possible in the production chain, as well as the increase in added value due to an increase in the repeatability and therefore the quality of the product.

Advanced Factories, is the largest international congress on Industry 4.0. The congress has endorsed the potential of Industry 4.0 to contribute to the relocation of production, thanks to a more flexible, sustainable and customized manufacturing model.

In this fair they have presented the latest innovations in Industrial Automation equipment together with the technologies that emerge from Industry 4.0.