bcb in the CSP project of the 50MW Luneng Haixi Solar Tower that will be operational in late 2020

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Located in the Golmud city of Haixi, Qinghai province (China), it covers an area of ​​approximately 4,267 square kilometers, using CSP tower-type molten salt technology.

software calibración heliostatos

The Luneng Haixi Golmud Multienergy Complement Integration Optimization Project consists of 200 MW PV, 400 MW Wind, 50 MW CSP and 50 MW of energy storage system. The project has 12 hours of heat storage, a total number of 4,400 heliostats covering an area of ​​610,000 m². The solar tower is 181.1 meters high and uses a high-temperature, high-pressure superheat condensation steam generator system.

Construction of the CSP Project began on June 30, 2017, with the EPC as SepcoIII Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. Currently, the project is under commissioning of the heliostats and the final stage of construction. It is expected to be operational later this year.

bcb, Teledyne FLIR distribution and integrative thermographic monitoring company, has developed the automatic heliostat calibration subsystem using artificial vision (the black marks seen on the tower are used to calibrate automatically). We have also developed other subsystems for tower plants such as monitoring receiver temperature using thermography, measuring solar attenuation, or the degree of mirror cleanliness measured from the tower.

bcb is probably the company in the world that has calibrated and verified more than 120m2 heliostats with more than 20,000 over more than 10 years of work.