bcb participates in Expomin 2023

From April 24 to 27, the seventeenth edition of Expomin 2023, the top mining event in Chile and Latin America, was held in the city of Santiago de Chile. bcb had the pleasure of participating together with its partner Colvin & Cía LTDA, authorized distributor of Teledyne FLIR.

The event was attended by countries such as Germany, South Africa, Australia, China, Peru and Brazil, which exhibited the most recent and successful technologies and services in the mineral industry.

For its part, bcb presented its acclaimed solution for the Electrowinning process (Electrolysis): the bcbElectrolyticIR. This thermographic system presents a thermal map of the warehouses where mineral refining is carried out and allows automatic inspection cathode by cathode with modern alarm control and data collection.

As for Colvin & Cía, they are the authorized distributors in Chile for all FLIR lines, from Volume to Defense and have more than 35 years of experience in Infrared Thermography. They are now exclusive distributors of bcb technology, including the bcbMonitor 4.0, bcbCondition and bcbFireScan systems, to name a few.


Demo bcbElectrolyticIR