bcb participates in the ASUMO project by Elewit and Red Electrica

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Elewit and Red Eléctrica, both companies within Redeia, are jointly developing, in collaboration with bcb, the ASUMO project (Advanced Substation Monitoring), a technological innovation pilot that represents a significant leap in the digitalization of electrical substations. Specifically, ASUMO focuses on procedures and activities related to maintenance, engineering, and construction.

mantenimiento subestaciones electricas software

 This pilot program integrates asset monitoring systems for electrical transmission network substations, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), data analysis, and remote management. In collaboration with bcb, high-speed visible and long-wave infrared cameras are being used to detect brief sparks between bars.

The project, expected to yield its initial results in 2024, is currently in the development phase at the 220 kV and 400 kV substations in Fuencarral (Madrid).

Furthermore, this innovative initiative enhances the remote operation and maintenance of electrical assets by utilizing image visualization, data processing, and the creation of digital twins. These twins improve and automate data analysis, providing recommendations for preventive or corrective maintenance actions. This, in turn, enhances fieldwork efficiency and ensures the physical safety of the professionals involved.

Manuel López Cormenzana, Director of Facility Maintenance at Red Eléctrica, emphasizes that ASUMO comprises a set of high-profile technological solutions designed to enhance the efficiency of maintenance and operational activities within the transmission network. It aligns seamlessly with the demands of flexibility and security posed by the ecological transition and embodies Red Eléctrica’s enduring culture of innovation.

We express our gratitude to Red Eléctrica and Elewit for the opportunity to participate in this project!

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