bcb participates in the International Congress of Physiotherapy

The International Congress of Invasive Physiotherapy aims to promote research in Invasive Physiotherapy and share with the scientific community the advances in techniques such as dry needling, percutaneous electrolysis or mesotherapy, to mention a few, in the same way it promotes those tools associated with physical therapy such as ultrasound, thermography, or electromyography.

The objective of the congress was to create a meeting point for the exchange of scientific information and physiotherapy techniques that allow the updating of this knowledge.

This year its second edition took place thanks to the organization of MVClinic in collaboration with the Department of Nursing and Physiotherapy of the CEU San Pablo University and the Illustrious Professional College of Physiotherapists of the Community of Madrid. bcb who shares the same goals in this field is proud to have participated as an expert in infrared thermography for medical and scientific applications using FLIR cameras.

It is worth mentioning that thermography used as an aid in physiotherapy had a prominent presence in the research tables because it is of great help to the physiotherapist to know the damage of an injury or surgical operation, and even the effectiveness in real time of its treatment.