bcb present at the FLIR América 2019 sales meeting in Orlando

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During the 13th and 14th of February, bcb has been present at the 2019 America Teledyne FLIR Sales Meeting in Orlando (FL) as a Strategic Partner.

The event was rich with opportunities to collaborate with one another to better understand key market segment dynamics, gain new tools and insights to enable expedited growth, and most important deepen the relationships between Teledyne FLIR and valued partners as us. We used both the structured and the unstructured times over the 2 days, to collaborate on new, creative solutions that we will take with us and implements for 2019 and beyond. Besides, it was shown a high-speed high-resolution MWIR InSb camera (FLIR x8500sc with more than 1000 FPS). We attach a sequence using bcbMonitor 4.0, the tool we have developed to connect cooled & uncooled cameras.Our organizations are confronting a time of continuos, rapid changes and the need for us to remain ahead of these changes will be critical to success. Teledyne FLIR and also bcb Informática y Control, SL , is in an enviable position to capitalize on the strenght of technological innovation, bringing the World innovative solutions.

Let’s have a brilliant 2019!