Meeting in Budapest of the Clock Work Project

A few days ago took place the final consortium meeting of this project, which after many vicissitudes, this year comes to an end.

The meeting took place in BUDAPEST, at the headquarters of the Hungarian partner RK Tech, who hosted this last meeting. It was attended in person by Portuguese partners (Fraunhofer Porto and CUF), Hungarian partner RK tech and the Spanish partner bcb (supported by EURECAT, part subcontracted by bcb to develop the intelligence of the system). The Italian partners, Grado Zero Espace and Abacus attended by videoconference.

In this meeting was made a review of the pending aspects to close the project. At the same time firts conclusions were drawn and some last system improvements have been decided to apply to the second trial of the projetc, which is being carried out yet with volunteers in Italy and Portugal. One first trial was made some months ago, with volunteers from Hungary and also Portugal.

The main objective of Clockwork is to promote and create healthy and comfortable environments for middle-aged workers who take turns (police, miners, drivers, doctors, etc.) in order to avoid chronodisruption. The launch of this European project AAL – 0100000-2014-6, co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, now MINTECO, took place in 2015.