bcbCondition: Thermographic system for monitoring critical equipment

bcb announces the launch of bcbCondition, the thermal imaging system for monitoring equipment and critical infrastructure

On Tuesday, January 23, 2023, the bcbCondition was presented to the industry, a system specialized in continuous thermographic inspection tasks that are part of the predictive maintenance strategy.

“In the industry thermography is known for the typical use given by engineers and maintenance technicians for the periodic inspection of their equipment and facilities. However, these specialists find themselves with the need to continuously monitor the most important equipment of the plant to the degree that they require unattended supervision that they cannot cover with their portable camera. Fortunately, there are thermographic sensors such as those from Teledyne FLIR that can be integrated into intelligent monitoring management platforms such as bcbCondition” mentioned Jairo García, Director of Operations from bcb Mexico.

This system has a wide communication capacity with the most typical alarm systems in the industrial market. An example of this are the digital inputs and outputs, which can operate audible or light alerts. Modbus/TCP communication is also compatible with the most common PLC models and in terms of the most comfortable alerts we find notifications via SMS or email.

“The idea of bcbCondition was born from our flagship product bcbMonitor 4.0. We resumed the multimodule concept that is useful for maintenance specialists who have an efficient vision of the different data interfaces that they handle daily. We have precisely collected the most essential needs that we our customers have transmitted and thanks to this we consider that bcbCondition is a very complete product”, commented Javier Bezares, CEO and Founder of bcb.

The use of this system covers any type of mechanical, electrical or thermal equipment or infrastructure and covers practically all industrial sectors. On the bcb website, you can find more information about this product in the Thermographic system for monitoring equipment and critical infrastructure. Continuous thermographic inspection for predictive maintenance. section, which gives you the option of requesting more information or receiving a