bcbDieScan: Continuous mold monitoring system

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Knowing the interest of the metal, polymer and ceramic industries to improve their costs and qualities, bcb has developed the bcbDieScan , a system specialized in continuous thermal inspection of hot forming processes, whose technological base is the bcbMonitor 4.0 bcb‘s flagship software.

Its applications are as follows:

  • Checking dies and tolos
  • Continuous inspection of Die Casting and Hot Stamping dies
  • Analysis of mold cooling by spray or internal cooling and continuous adjustment based on the readings
  • Pre or post molding / shaping processes such as preheating of the billets / blanks / preforms, liquid metal temperature, painting and drying of molds or condition of the part or preform

In its standard version, the bcbDieScan has a dynamic and intuitive section for defining areas of interest (ROIs) that can be adjusted for each product, thushaving a practical catalog that, by communicating with the PLC or process control system, can make the change récipes automatically. Similarly, the system has the ability to receive synchronization signals or send results in the most common industrial protocols, such as Modbus TCP / IP, Ethernet IP, PROFINETordiscrete I /

Die casting

When working with TeledyneLIR cameras, the bcbDieScan ensures repeatability and precision in every measurement. It is optimized to work with the A400 / A500 / A700 or the A65 / A35 cameras, ideal models for monitoring Foundry, Forging, Hot Stamping or Thermo forming processes. No matter how aggressive the work environmentis, themonitoring is continuous, as long as the appropriate thermographic housings are used, which can have watercooling and air curtain or only with air curtain and pneumatic lid, whose opening synchronizes on the bcbDieScan to operate only when necessary and to guarantee máximum protection.

Through its software complement, the bcbView, the radiometric images and videos acquired by the bcbDieScan can be viewed, as well as post-processing them for the generation of reports.