bcbShape: equipment for 2D measurement

bcbShape is the new specialized bcb product, this product was created thinking about the development of new technologies that are solutions to the current demands of the industry, in this case aimed at the measurement of aluminum, PVC or other materials profiles, using a computer and a scanner this system is capable of carrying out measurements (perimeters, areas and linear weights) with maximum precision and speed.

Principal functions:

• Measurement of the perimeter and area of ​​any profile and its cavities from its scan.

• Allows you to scan plans in paper format to calculate areas and perimeters of parts, and also correct possible deformations of the plan, “Scale Correction”, if it has been received via fax, for example.

• Possibility of analyzing profiles with thermal bridge (with polyamide).

• Generation of reports and database storage of all previous information.

This system has three versions for production: bcbShape, the bcbShape+ and its version bcbShape CALIPER, designed for technical offices and extruders, its characteristics below.

• Automatic comparison with the theoretical plane of Auto CAD, making measurements (distances, radii and angles) without user intervention, indicating if the part meets tolerances or not.

• Possibility of making manual readings using the Manual Tools application, if the theoretical plan is not available. You can even use the geometry of the inspected profile and the generated DXF drawing to check their differences.

• Utilities to help generate a “theoretical” plane from the scan.

• Possibility of printing the profile drawing at 1: 1 scale.