bcbWeldIR: Thermographic Weld Inspection System

The new system joins the family of products that allow monitoring by thermography of welding and thermal bonding processes such as brazing, bonding, friction, infrared and arc.

bcbWeldIR termografia en soldadurasAfter the success of the bcbCondition, launched earlier this year, the new bcbWeldIR has been developed by bcb to meet the needs of companies that currently require comprehensive control and continuous monitoring of their welding process, such as companies in the automotive and white goods (domestic appliances) sectors.

 This inspection system, like the other bcb applications and product families, is supported by the bcbMonitor 4.0 application and can also be integrated with fixed thermal imaging cameras from the Teledyne FLIR Automation line, with which they can register temperatures of up to 2,000°C, completely adequate to analyze all the stages of the process (fusion and resulting final bead).

The main characteristic of bcbWeldIR is the measurement without direct contact, remotely and in real time, of the temperatures reached throughout the fixing process, analyzing the results and data generated by means of its algorithm. In addition, it is possible to generate audible or visual alarms for temperatures out of range, with communication with the PLC or MES of the cell or line, and review all the welding points of the piece worked through a diagnostic screen at the end of the process.

Through this solution, the industry will be able to carry out general quality control throughout the welding process, detecting breakage failures and anomalies in the flux material, defects in the splice design, heat affected zone (HAZ) and thus reduce possible claims or cost overruns for rework. Using the thermographic inspection of the bcbWeldIR , the intervention to repair a defective weld is immediate, simple and more economical.

Mohammed Safar, Technical Director of bcb, stated that “the bcbWeldIR communication protocol can be adapted to the architecture of our clients, according to their level of automation, thanks to the compatibility with which it was created. And it allows complete traceability through the registration of all the results in the databases, both local, corporate or in the cloud. Our priority when developing this system was to align ourselves with the procedures of the companies and try to satisfy their needs”

“We invite all companies interested in improving their welding processes to carry out a proof of concept of our new bcbWeldIR thermographic monitoring system and be able to verify the scope it has. We trust that the new member of the family will be a success and help reduce production defects for our customers”, concluded Juan Briñez, bcb’s Commercial and Business Development Director.