Board meeting Secpho

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On 29 September, on the election of a new board of Secpho, a meeting was organized at the offices of SECPHO in Terrasa, where Javier Bezares (CEO of bcb Informática y Control) was present as a member of the board for the period 2015-17.

The day began with a welcome by the president, and the approach of the objetives of the meeting.

After the coffee networking and before the office Secpho visit, a presentation was made on the evolution of the cluster in the last three years and the decisions that have been taken since the previous Board of Dorectors was held.

The proponed of the 2015-16 Plan was also presented, with the ensuing discussion and brainstorming session to focus next year.

SECPhO is a cluster consisting og companies, research groups aimed at promoting technological innovation by implementing photonic technologies, or light based, with all sectors of our economy technologies.

The main objetives of SECPHO are:

– Generate business opportunities for companies

– Promote innovation in the field of photonics and optical technologies