Últimas noticias

Having submitted with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC-CD6) a patent and then having received the 2nd prize innova-e-VIA in the conference in November

2014 and organized by eVIA (Spanish Technology Platform Technologies for Health, wellness and Active Life and Independent) for his continuos measurement system and noninvasive fetal heartbeat; Computer and Control bcb has nor presented the projetc under the Horizon 2020 (H2020) program, again with the collaboration of CD6.

It named “Baby Beat” is our innovative approach in a scenario of falling birth rate, increasing number of pregnancies at risk and other risks relating to the delay

in the age od pregnancy. Is a non.invasive cuff with integrated technology (laser interferometer), which continuosly measures the fetal heart during the last weeks of pregnancy.

This portable device can communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth and generate automatic alerts when the beat exceeds certain thresholds (below 100 ppm or above 180) .

Thus it will generate greater social and health benefits:

– Better control of high-risk pregnancies, by monitoring the fetal heartbeat continues.

– Transfer of responsibility of the physician to the mother, who has a direct view of the data concerning the condition of the fetus .

– Increasing the tranquility of pregnant by having a continuous, timed and immediate medical attention.

– Decrease in utero perinatal mortality.

– Prevention of hypoxia, which can trigger brain edema,hemorrhage and neuronal damage.

– Reduction of hospital costs thanks to rapid emergency transfer of the patient.

– Improved safety and reduced risk of infection by using non invasive system.