Thermographic monitoring in Hot Stamping

In the automotive industry every day there are new advances and challenges in the processes. A very important variant in these processes is temperature, which is why manufacturers opt for integrated thermography solutions. An example of these solutions is the control of temperature in hot stamping (Hot Stamping) in order to achieve a special microstructure and final properties in the pieces.

With FLIR thermal imaging cameras and the bcbDieScan software, it is possible to locate thermal imbalances autonomously and continuously, generating alarms in different formats that promptly report the incident at each point of the process:


At the exit of the oven the piece is inspected in order to ensure uniform heating, this temperature distribution is important for the blank/platen, before its arrival at the press, in order to ensure a reliable thermal distribution.


During forging, the temperature of the mold and the piece can be checked in order to ensure a good heat treatment.

In this part of the process, the molds and the part are made before and after pressing, in order to know critical points and the temperature of both the molds and the part.


In the conveyor part, it is important to know the final temperatures of the part and verify that it does not have imperfections or defects that could mean a bad part.