Photonic solutions for the steel industry: Thermography a vital tool in Industry 4.0

Fifty researchers and representatives of companies in the steel industry attended, at the Laser Applications Center of AIMEN , the workshop Photonic solutions for the steel industry. Organized by Fotónica21 (Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Fotónica), PLATEA (Spanish Steel Technology Platform) and SECPHO (Photonics Cluster). It is the first meeting held in Galicia in which the entire value chain of the sector meets to analyze how photon technologies can contribute to achieving the productive challenges faced by the steel industry, which has an important weight in the Community.

During the workshop, different applications and challenges related to the three main processes in this type of plants (steel mill, rolling and finishing) were also analyzed in three panels in which innovative solutions have been made known by applying light-based technologies. Among them, has highlighted bcb, with his paper Use of INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY for SIDERURGIA within Industry 4.0: Repeatability and traceability, where he has explained among other things the benefits of thermography in this sector.

What can not be measured can not be improved was one of the reflections of Javier Bezares, CEO of bcb in his paper, which highlights the use of thermography as an indispensable tool of Industry 4.0 (Quality control, gases, bathrooms electrolytic, productive maintenance … multiple applications of infrared thermography in iron and steel).