bcbWeldIR-Thermographic inspection in welds


The state-of-the-art bcbWeldIR system uses technology from Teledyne FLIR thermal imaging cameras to monitor and control temperature during welding processes. In industry, inconsistent temperature gradients can lead to critical product defects, negatively impacting quality and production efficiency.

With bcbWeldIR, it is possible to maintain a constant and adequate temperature throughout the process, thanks to its ability to communicate with PLC’s and to generate sound-auditory alarms that alert inappropriate temperature changes autonomously and continuously.

System caracteristics

  • Continuous monitoring of workstations

  • Possibility of entering multiple models for each welding station

  • Visual aids for final welding diagnosis

  • Alarm for temperatures out of range

  • Temperature measurement in specific regions of interest

  • Image post-processing

  • Part number detection via scanner

  • Communication to BBDD

  • Communication to PLC by ethernet protocols (Modbus, PROFINET, TCP/IP)

  • Communication to PLC by serial protocols (USB, Profibus, RS-232, RS-485)

Types of welding

  • Brazing

  • Induction

  • Electric arc

  • Friction

  • infrared

  • Vibration

  • Plasma (MIG/TIG)

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