bcbElectrolyticIR-Electrowinning Inspection


The bcbElectrolyticIR system allows the detection of hot spots in the area of electrolytic baths / electrowinning commonly known as electrowinning, where FLIR fixed cameras are distributed, delivering a unified image that represents a plan view for easy location of the short circuit area, which represents a tool of great value for the mining sector.

In addition to the inspection and detection, the system has the function of recording and capturing images by event. Alerts can be received through mobile devices or interconnected to the corporate network. It is also possible to link communications to other equipment by PLC or discrete signals.

System features

  • Integration of one or multiple FLIR thermal imaging cameras

  • Real-time statistics and central data history

  • Integration of webservices for remote access to the system (via internet)

  • Image union for plan view layout

  • Access to an application by cellphone or tablet

  • Short circuit alarms

  • Enclosure for outdoor use (IP67)

  • Visualization of results in the control room of the plant

  • Communication to PLC by ethernet protocols (Modbus, PROFINET, TCP / IP)

  • Communication to PLC by serial protocols (USB, RS-232, RS-485)


  • Copper

  • Zinc

  • Nickel

  • Cobalt

  • Manganese

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