In early 2019, a new strain of coronavirus was discovered. Currently, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread throughout the globe. For this reason, timely recognition of people who represent a risk in places with large crowds of people is of great importance for public health.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, science has presented itself as an ally against COVID-19, beginning with the great work of health and research personnel for the development of vaccines and technological advances.

Together with suitable software such as the bcbFaceScan , with functions such as the generation of visual and / or audible alarms, if a previously set temperature threshold is exceeded, the radiometric images are storaged for subsequent traceability and analysis. This technology allows rapid screening of large groups of individuals, facilitating the detection and the isolation when it is necessary, of people suspected of having contracted a viral infection, so that they can later be evaluated and diagnosed with greater precision by skilled healthcare personnel.

Solutions based on infrared thermography have been developed. Through technology it is possible to obtain a thermal map of the skin, quickly and in real time.

System features

  • High temperature alarms.
  • Databases.
  • Face detection for a correct temperature measurement.
  • Measurement in real time.
  • Non-contact measurement.
  • Simultaneous display of several cameras.
  • Accuracy ± .3° C (the highest of the marking).
  • Measurement according to ISO standard.
  • Customizable software.
  • Historical data (exportable to Excel).
  • Access control.

Aplicación en

  • Industrial plants
  • Corporate buildings and offices
  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Ports
  • Bus or railway stations.
  • Research centers