bcbFireScan-Early Fire Detection


Industrial fires can be prevented or detected quickly from their incipient stage, before the fire starts, and although most systems currently detect an outbreak when it is already developed, some others can do so much earlier, so faster and more accurate.


The bcbFireScan system offers an effective alternative to fire detection. Complying with the NFPA regulations, the software is capable of identifying fires and proceeding to activate audible and visual alarms, allowing the opening of deluge valves for the prevention and control of any incident.

System features

  • Alarms of possible fires

  • Saving images to disc

  • Automatic monitoring of large areas

  • Measurement in real time

  • Non-contact measurement

  • Simultaneous display of several cameras

  • Manual and automatic valve activationMonitoring of digital cards and communications

  • Monitoring of digital cards and communications.

  • Customizable software

  • Round and manual mode for inspectionAccess control

  • Access control


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