The importance of risk prevention in the industry is vital, especially in the production of hydrocarbons, chemicals, furnace and boiler inspection. One of the main risks is the leakage of toxic and / or explosive gases.

Gas leaks not only represent a danger to personnel and people in the surrounding areas, but also generate a negative impact on the environment, which generates environmental responsibilities for the company. In addition, the leakage of some gases such as methane represents great losses in the industry.

Therefore, it is vital to detect these leaks quickly and effectively. However, many of these gases are invisible to the human eye, so the thought of inspecting plants, areas of extraction and refinement of hydrocarbons or transport along long pipelines seems a daunting task. Although at the beginning these tasks required a high consumption of time, risk for personnel and difficulty, fortunately there are new technologies that facilitate this process, thanks to infrared thermography it is possible to visualize and alert them quickly

FLIR thermal imaging cameras, together with the bcbGasScan software, are a solution to monitor and detect gas leaks and emissions, whether in long pipe lines, refineries, smoke clouds in industries, methane leaks, etc.

System features

  • Detection of a wide range of gases.
  • Leak alarms in various formats.
  • Possibility of scheduled inspections with the use of drones.
  • Unattended and remote inspection (personnel do not need to be in the area).
  • Connection with automatic pipeline closing systems.
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Simultaneous display of several cameras.
  • Great area coverage.
  • Monitoring of hard-to-reach places.
  • Gas detection through flames.