bcbMonitor 4.0​-Thermographic monitoring for industry


Capable of offering the user a fast and reliable multi-camera experience, the bcbMonitor 4.0 provides multiple acquisition and processing functions ranging from viewing thermal images on its multi-grid interface to post-processing of pre-recorded images, temperature and data graphs, communication with PLCs and digital input and output cards through different protocols such as: Modbus TCP / IP, Profibus, PROFINET, ONVIF, MQTT to name a few. All these permits the software to be one of the most advanced systems, positioning itself as number one in thermographic monitoring and data processing.

The bcbMonitor 4.0 integrates high-resolution and precision FLIR cameras in one platform.

System features

  • Multi-camera viewing

  • Graphing of temperatures in function of time

  • Recording images in radiometric format

  • Definition of ROIs (Regions of Interest) and Isotherms

  • Post-processing of recorded images

  • Power Ups: image Builder and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) application

  • Delta function and spatial thermal profile

  • Communication to PLC by ethernet protocols (Modbus, PROFINET, TCP / IP)

  • Communication to PLC by serial protocols (USB, RS-232, RS-485)

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