Scientific advances provide easier, less harmful to the environment and less expensive ways of doing things. While the researcher’s work is arduous and his success owes much to it, it will also depend on the tools he use fo they work.

If a deep analysis of temperature and radiance is required, the first choice will always be the bcbThermoPro, the thermographic tool choosen by scientists and engineering teams. It is also the preferred software for conducting Non-Destructive Testing with active thermography.

The bcbThermoPro can work with both, FLIR cameras with an uncooled bolometric sensor and with FLIR cameras with a cooled photonic sensor, integrating all its commands to take full advantage of all the features of the camera to be integrated. Its interface is based on the acclaimed bcbMonitor 4.0, bcb‘s star product.

Among the advanced processing tools that the system offers, we find the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), Pulsed Phase Thermography (PPT) and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), just to mention a few. It is also possible to establish communication with devices such as power supplies, curve plotters, thermal excitation components and deliver results in specific formats.

System features

  • Integration of refrigerated and uncooled FLIR thermal imaging cameras.
  • Adjustment of integration times and acquisition speed (Windowing).
  • Real-time statistics and cntral data history.
  • Integration of webservices for remote consultation of the system (via internet).
  • Measuring range up to 3000 ° C.
  • Module configuration for Non-Destructive Testing (PNDs).
  • Multitasking user interface, thanks to its multigrid design.
  • Results delivery with multi-format.
  • Communication by protocols and standard signals to additional devices, such as:

– Power supplies.

– Thermal excitation equipment.

– Curve tracers.

  • Preprocessing methods.

Bad pixel correction.

Fixed pattern noise reduction.


  • Process methods.

Absolute Contrast (AC).

Differential Absolute Contrast (DAC).

Markov Error Test (MEC).

Principal Component Thermography (PCT).

High Order Statistics (HOS).

Pulsed Phase Thermography (PPT).

Thermal Signal Reconstruction (TSR).

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

  • Post-processing methods

Histogram equalization

Image Filters

Histogram treatment