R&D projects

R&D projects

bcb is a company aware of the importance of R&D activities, and in general of innovation as an engine of progress, for this reason it has actively participated during the last 20 years in its own projects and in collaboration with companies, universities, technology centers and other research organizations, both Spanish and European.
These projects are an effective way of transferring knowledge and technology, since they increase the innovative capacity of companies and orient R&D towards the needs of our clients, using thermography as the main technology.


VIZTA: Aims to develop innovative technologies in the field of optical sensors and laser sources for short to long-range 3D images


Optical prognostic system that will determine the presence of cancer cells in the breast lymph nodes


(Ultra) Sound Interfaces and Low Energy iNtegrated Sensors. Activation and control of devices by gestures


ICT to support the daily life of shift workers by improving their circadian rhythms


Cuff with integrated non-invasive technology to continuously measure the fetal heart rate during pregnancy


Hyperspectral Imaging Technology for Quality Inspection of Fish Products


Solution fpr a safe external control of a non-cooperative vehicle


Provision of acceptable indoor coverage


Solar R&D Consortium. Prospecting for new, less expensive solar thermal technologies


Effective detection of pollution on the surface of liquids using artificial vision