Fire Prevention

Thermal imaging cameras are an excellent tool for early fire detection, thanks to their measurement method and excellent sensitivity. However, they require processing software capable of detecting false positives, controlling additional elements of the fire system, and communicating / issuing the required alarms at each facility. The bcbFireScan takes on this important role and is positioned as the ideal complement to FLIR cameras.


The raw material of these industries is stored in open spaces, exposed to environmental conditions. In addition, due to its poor thermal conductivity, it is a material that usually accumulates a lot of thermal energy, increasing the risk of catching fire. It is also exposed to human carelessness and even animals that throw glass or metal, producing a magnifying glass effect. The bcbFireScan permits an early detection of hot spots that origin the fire, before the combustion occurs and allows discriminating false positives and alarms caused by personnel and machinery that constantly circulate through the warehouses.

Continuous monitoring is carried out with visible and audible alarms as well as automatic activation of the fire suppression system for areas such as:

  • Raw material warehouse,
  • Conveyor areas.
  • Supervision of thermal and ignition equipment.

The bcbFireScan perfectly suits for monitoring these types of installations. Algorithms are developed to recognize false hot spots due to the high reflectivity of metal containers and false positives produced by machinery and circulating transport. . It can also incorporate multiple cameras to cover remote points, far from each other and thus insoect all of them in the same alarm center. Some of the featured applications are:

  • Barrels and chemical warehouse supervision.
  • Inspection of leaks in tanks, pipelines and silos.
  • Supervision of short circuits caused by electrical equipment.
  • Friction spark detection caused by mechanical components.

Technological advancement in the field of lamination has led to different ways in which sheets can be manufactured. Hot lamination, extrusion lamination, flame lamination, and adhesive lamination are some of these processing approaches. The bcbMonitor 4.0 has been developed to control the temperature in this process and in the other applications:

  • Continuous and unattended monitoring of fire prone areas
  • Storage patios
  • Transport systems (conveyors)
  • Containers
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment causing sparks

The bcbFireScan is adaptable to perform the continuous monitoring required in different processes in this sector. Provides coverage of large areas such as log storage yards, which are never without the risk of spark. In the same way, the cutting area can be monitored by this system, with the intention of quickly detecting any hot spots derived from cutting friction. Once the wood has been processed, we also find points that require monitoring, such as the sawdust hoppers or the warehouse of finished product. Some areas of the industry where the system can be applied are:

Some areas of the industry where the system can be applied are:

  • Storage patios.
  • Transport on conveyors.
  • Containers
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment that causes spark.

The bcbFireScan is used for different purposes. One important purpose is the inspection of warehouses and pellet hoppers, constantly moved by forklifts. Also, the location of the inspection points in heating zones is relevant, such as barrel and screw heating in extruders and injectors. It is important to highlight that machines can be discarded with the intelligence of the thermographic system to avoid false fire alarms. Some areas of the industry where the system can be applied are:

  • Continuous and unattended monitoring of:


Pellet containers


Mechanical and electrical equipment

  • Continuous inspection of critical points in injectors and extruders