Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas sector faces many challenges at the time of monitor and inspect parameters laing the extraction, distribution, and storage processes.

Thermography is very useful when inspecting pipes, helping to efficiently locate emissions leaks such as oil or gas. The infrared technology is useful to monitor critical equipment in this sector such as motors and electrical and thermal components.

The  bcbGasScan system helps to detect these leaks on time, preventing millions of dollars in equipment losses, environmental impacts and even fires.


Large reserves of oil and gas are found both in the sea and in the land. These reserves involve great challenges. First of all, these facilities never stop working, forcing plants’ owners to have equipment and machinery in optimal conditions to resist that rhythm. Another point, it is still a risk to manipulate these energy sources. Therefore, it is a high priority to take care of the infrastructure to prevent leaks that could cause poisoning or fire with catastrophic consequences.

For everything related to gas detection and quantification, the bcbGasScan turns out to be a reliable continuous OGI (Optical Gas Imaging) inspection center, continuously receiving information from one to several cameras and alerting any anomaly through mobile devices. The bcbMonitor 4.0 works in a very similar way, with the difference that the latter is specialized in condition monitoring.

  • Condition monitoring of critical electrical, mechanical and thermal equipment
  • Gas leak detection. Some examples:

– Natural Gas and Hydrocarbons (Methane, Propane, Butane and Ethylene)

– Carbon Oxide

– Carbon dioxide

The large volumes of production in the Oil & Gas sector require a modern and efficient transmission and transportation system. Kilometers of infrastructure must be constantly inspected with the intention of preventing losses and some more serious fires and explosions.

The risk of producing a spark is always present in machines and equipment, a highly dangerous situation when handling flammable substances. With the bcbMonitor 4.0 it is possible to monitor these elements and with the bcbGasScan is possible to prevent and react to any gas leak. Both platforms offer a sophisticated and unattended alarm system, based on FLIR‘s ever-reliable OGI and thermal imaging cameras.

  • Continuous thermographic monitoring of:

– Compressors

– Pumps

– Tanks

  • Leak detection and emission quantification:

– Natural Gas and Hydrocarbons (Methane, Propane, Butane and Ethylene)

– Carbon Oxide

– Carbon dioxide

Once extracted from the reserves, the natural gas and oil are sent to complex gas processors and refineries respectively. From this sources, many by-products such as gasoline, LP gas, and diesel, just to name the most important, are obtained. Many combustion, compression, expansion and storage machines and equipment are involved in processing; therefore, the areas of application for thermographic monitoring are many.

An interesting application for the bcbThermoPro consist on monitoring high-speed rotating equipment, such as turbochargers and expanders. Through a sight glass, a high speed camera can be used to assess the condition of the blades. The bcbMonitor 4.0 is excellent for burner flame monitoring and the bcbGasScan is always useful for gas detection and quantification.

  • Furnace inspection (camera to see through flames)
  • Flame monitoring in torches.
  • Monitoring of equipment and facilities for fire detection.
  • Gas leak detection and quantification


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