The processes of Generation, Transmission, and Distribution are filled with thermal phenomena that need to be monitored and controlled by Thermography to prevent electrical supply cuts, damage to equipment and installations, as well as to avoid exposing personnel.

The bcbCondition represents an excellent tool for Thermographic Monitoring for Turbines, Transformers, Structures, Substations, Panels, and other Critical Equipment.


Thermography can contribute to both the various methods of energy generation and the many mechanical, electrical, and thermal equipment in the process.


  • Continuous monitoring of Valves, MCCs, Insulations, Buses, and Transformers
  • Thermographic Monitoring of Substations
  • Non-invasive high-speed inspection for Turbine Blades


  • Detection and quantification of Natural Gas, CO, CO2, and SF6 leaks


  • Early Fire Detection in Coal Piles
generación de energía


High-voltage systems are highly susceptible to sudden failures that can be prevented through continuous thermographic monitoring, which also prevents personnel exposure.

  • Continuous monitoring of the Substation
  • Disconnect switches
  • PTs and CTs
  • Transmission lines
  • Blades
  • Thyristors
  • Bus Bars


Delivering power to end consumers involves multiple voltage drops, depending on many electrical elements. Ensuring their continuous operation is possible through continuous thermographic inspection.



  • Transformer Monitoring
  • Continuous inspection of blades
  • Continuous monitoring of capacitor banks
termografía subestación eléctrica


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