Food Sector

The control of processes in the food industry is essential to ensure the health of perishable goods and to optimize the costs associated with production losses, repackaging and consumer complaints. The bcbMonitor 4.0, integrated like thermography, is a widely validated non-invasive and non-destructive tool to achieve these goals, acting as a non-contact temperature sensor for large areas. Substances such as Acrylamide or organic compounds such as HAP or AHC, can originate during baking, frying, cooking, smoking processes, etc., and their presence is closely linked to the temperature of the process. In addition, the temperature is also present in the packaging process, such as the heat sealing control.


Temperature control is important to guarantee the safety, wholesomeness and quality of food products at all stages of their supply chain. The supervision of these processes with the bcbMonitor 4.0 and the high speed FLIR cameras allow an adequate control and analysis of the temperature. It can be used in the following applications:

  • Alarm for overcooking or undercooking of cookies, breads and desserts.
  • Inspection of temperature uniformity on the conveyor belt.
  • Jam detection.
  • Product accounting.
  • Efficiency monitoring in ovens to save energy.


Temperature in food processes also plays an important role in the consumption of electrical energy. A correct control of this allows great savings. With the bcbMonitor 4.0 and FLIR thermal imaging cameras, it is possible to monitor the temperature in critical equipment and maintain the highest quality in the process.

  • Inspection of thermal distribution in furnaces.
  • Burner verification.
  • Continuous monitoring of critical mechanical electrical and thermal equipment.
  • Detection of leaks in cooling and heating systems.


The bcbMonitor 4.0 is a non-invasive, real-time monitoring system, a great help to automate these processes. One of the biggest challenges in the food industry is the integrity of the seal that protects the product. It is vital to guarantee the quality of perishable products and thus ensure greater consumer satisfaction. Plus, it helps reduce food waste from packaging failure throughout the production process. In the packaging process, thermography permits the inspection of the filling level of the containers, since it is able to clearly see the contrast in hot and cold areas. The system permits:

  • A contactless inspection of sealing, avoiding the interference with the product or container. In conjunction with a robotic arm, it is possible to integrate the solution to remove the defective product.
  • Check the filling level in containers.
  • Check the thermocompression of the packaging and heat sealing.


Farms face many challenges, from controlling disease in cows to controlling room temperature in poultry. Our bcbMonitor 4.0 software allows us to monitor the entire process and autonomously and continuously locate thermal imbalances, generating alarms in different formats that promptly report the incident. Some of the most important applications within the health control verification process, where the software is applicable are:

  • Mastitis detection in the milking carousel.
  • Detection of inflammations.
  • Detection of neurological damage.
  • Bone problems, injuries.
  • Measurement of the freshness level in cows, chickens and pigs for the regulation of ventilation systems.


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