Thermography is a non-contact technology for temperature measurement and is an aid in the detection of diseases that cause a variation in temperature, such as cancer or diabetes. The bcbFaceScan is a useful tool in the health sector for detecting elevated body temperature, as well as detecting and locating diseases.


If the skin temperature in key areas (especially the tear duct of the eye and forehead) is above the average temperature, then the individual can be selected for further evaluation. Identifying people with EBT, who must then undergo virus-specific diagnostic tests, can help dramatically reduce or slow the spread of viruses and infections.

The bcbFaceScan is a skin temperature measurement system based on the ISO: TR 13154 protocol. It uses an advanced face detection algorithm and a correction for measurement error due to conditions affecting temperature.


Thermography makes it possible to visualize the temperature of the skin, as well as changes in temperature due to physiotherapeutic procedures, and is a useful tool for monitoring the results of therapy. Our bcbThermoPro software is a valuable tool for medical and rehabilitation staff. Examples of this are the following applications:

  • Body evaluation for location of treatment points for vertebral pain.
  • Follow-up of rehabilitation in sports medicine.
  • Diagnosis of injuries and fractures.


With the advent of modern infrared cameras, data acquisition software and processing techniques, it is now possible to have high resolution thermographic images in real time, which is likely to lead to further research in this field.

For this, we have developed the bcbThermoPro software that, together with FLIR cameras from the science series, allows real-time thermal mapping of abnormal areas and, in turn, provides various post-processing tools, thus achieving an accurate diagnosis. Some of the applications are:

  • Follow-up of the affectation in extremities by diabetes.
  • Evaluation and control of burns.
  • Location of brown fat.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of the condition in breast cancer.


The bcbThermoPro makes it easy to read and interpret infrared images. The colors clearly represent and correlate with the temperatures in the thermal image. Because of this, veterinarians can easily identify areas of increased or decreased temperature. Thermal imaging for animals helps to identify where problems are and find out more about their cause, as well as a non-invasive reading of vital signs such as heart rate. Know the main uses within animal medicine:

  • Health and hygiene conditions in industrial farm species.
  • Equine rehabilitation and treatment.
  • Diagnosis and medical monitoring in wild and domestic animals.
  • Non-contact temperature and heart rate measurement.


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