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This sector has been characterized over time by having a high demand for units and having a wide variety of processes in its production chain. In addition, the greatest challenge faced in this sector is to guarantee the quality that the customer expects and for which they pay. The use of bcbMonitor 4.0 software for thermographic monitoring is useful in the supervision of critical equipment, manufacture of plastic, metallic and ceramic components, assurance of thermal joints in assembly, finished product testing and product packaging. Learn here how thermography can be essential to make both a grill and a complete stove.


With the use of the bcbTestBench thermographic system, safety tests can be carried out to guarantee quality and risk-free equipment, as well as evaluating user interaction surfaces to ensure that they do not represent a risk of burns. Just as important is the manufacturing check of the components used, for which bcbMonitor 4.0 is very useful.

Some of the main applications in the production process of this equipment are:

  • Safety and efficiency tests on stoves, ovens and hoods.
  • Glowbar check.
  • Checking of burners and resistances.


Implementing quality controls based on a thermographic software like the bcbMonitor 4.0, integrated with FLIR cameras,

it is possible to guarantee that components such as the electronic card, motors or the drum work correctly. Similarly, the bcbTestBench thermal imaging station enables reliable testing of finished products and components.

  • Thermographic inspection in plastic and aluminum injection process.
  • Validation of operating temperature in the hot air outlet of dryers and washing centers.
  • Security, energy efficiency and gas tests.


The bcbMonitor 4.0 system is excellent for process monitoring tasks such as thermoforming and foaming, also allowing communication to line elements for production control and traceability of equipment and components. On the other hand, the bcbTestBench is used for functional tests of the finished product, which can be the refrigerator itself or components such as the compressor, evaporator, condenser and power circuit.

Some of the main applications in the production process of this equipment are:

  • Validation of foaming.
  • Monitoring of thermoforming (sheets, resistances and molds).
  • Inspection of door sealing.
  • Delta cooling tests.


Much of the leakage problems are due to poor thermal bonding. The bcbMonitor 4.0thermographic system has advanced, real-time analysis tools for welding, either using flame or induction. Test stations equipped with the bcbTestBench allow you to evaluate tubing components and sections for leakage points.

Some of the main applications in the production process of this equipment are:

  • Continuous thermographic monitoring and analysis in brazing welding.
  • Tubing.
  • Capacitors
  • Evaporators
  • Lines to compressor
  • Radiators for heating


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