Services custom engineering

Services custom engineering

We work with different types of solutions and we choose the best option depending on the requirements of each project, meeting the needs and styles that the client requires, always providing high-value engineering.

With the use of thermography we anticipate the failure before it occurs, to give time to correct it without prejudice to the service, or unwanted stoppages in production.

estaciones de prueba

The main objective of the test stations is to know the temperature of the samples in order to give a quality approval, define critical limits or assess the status of the product.


Each system is made up of three complementary platforms: fixed cameras with movement in azimuth and elevation, drones, and ground vehicles integrating to the bcbMonitor 4.0.


Due to its nature of non-contact measurement, our system does not interfere with the process at all, and thanks to its matrix measurement, the entire surface of interest in the mold can be covered with a high level of detail.

producción farmaceúticos

The main objective of making a thermal measurement within a production line can help to determine several factors, from the proper filling level of a yogurt bottle to identifying possible leaks in the seal of a container or product spillage, replacing at the same time lots of unnecessary sensors.