Thermal measurement of test stations

Thermal measurement of test stations

The main objective of the test stations is to know the temperature of the samples in order to give a quality approval, define critical limits or assess the condition of the product.

Each model is electrically powered, if necessary, with the help of a power circuit, and is examined with a thermographic camera that, with the help of a computer that allows the processing and treatment of the acquired images, facilitates the interpretation to the user.

Our bcbTestBench software integrated with FLIR infrarred technology, allows the automatic acquisition of thermal information and an approval indicator per piece. In addition, it allows the generation of reports, alarms, and the control of the supplied current and voltage, turning the communication with the camera a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Each station is made up, mechanically and electrically, by a voltage and current regulating source, a turret for audible and visual alarm, a thermographic device, a power circuit with contactors and relays, a communications and computer control cabinet with bcbTestBench software and a cabin with adaptable fixture and electrical power circuit.

The electrical configuration of the cabinets makes it possible to protect the electrical circuit, the central computer and the power supply, in such a way that each test or tests can be carried out with due confidence. They also have a start and stop system to partially or totally stop the system in case any anomaly or emergency occurs.

In less than 2 min, the restart systems and the speed of communications allow the user to return and use the cabin without major inconvenience.

The test stations are used in various sectors of the industry, since currently the thermography with the 4.0 revolution has reached even the most remote places, replacing pyrometric systems or with various types of sensors. The 4.0 industries that use this type of technology the most are the automotive, electronics, lighting, plastics or aeronautics.

Test stations are the next step in quality and production engineering, reducing testing times, automating laboratories and ensuring test reliability.


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