Our Teledyne FLIRthermal imaging cameras

At bcb, by integrating our Teledyne FLIR thermal imaging cameras with our bcbMonitor4.0 software for industrial and scientific applications, we can connect, display, analyze and store radiometric images from bolometric cameras (LWIR) and photonic sensors (SWIR with a cooling system Peltier or MWIR with a Stirlin cooling system); both in real time and in post-processing.

Among our bolometric cameras compatible with our bcbMonitor 4.0, there are: Ax8 and A615 (14 of them are shown in the image with 80° lenses), as well as the A50/70 and A400/500/700 models with Genicam protocol, which they also include visible image with RTSP.

Within the cameras with photonic sensors are, for example, the A6261 (SWIR) or the A6752 (MWIR) with a Stirling cooling system that reaches -200 ° C in the cold finger as shown in the graph on the left ) also with a macro lens.

Teledyne Flir thermal cameras

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