Heat sealing and its inspection by means of thermography

In the food industry, process control is essential to meet its high quality standards and ensure the healthiness of its products.

A very crucial process is heat-sealing, which allows a hermetic closure of the container so that it does not allow air or liquid to pass through, this allows both to extend the useful life of the products and to protect them from external agents such as bacteria and microbes.

This technique is widely used to package products such as ham, sausage, bread, grains, yogurt, etc. where it is of vital importance to verify that the seal is correct and the product remains innocuous, for this thermography is of great help verifying the integrity of the seal through thermal analysis and detecting defects that are not invisible to the human eye.

The bcbMonitor 4.0 is a real-time, non-invasive monitoring system that is very helpful in automating these processes. He is able to:

Verify the sealing without contact, avoiding interfering with the product or container. In conjunction with a robotic arm, it is possible to integrate the solution to remove the defective product.
Check the filling level in containers.
Check the thermocompression of the packaging and heat sealing.