The solar thermal energy sets record of generation when exceeding 2,800 GWh until June

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This record represents a volume of generation 19.3% higher than the historical average, according to the REE data collected by the Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Thermosolar Industry (Protermosolar).

This generation represents 2.38% of the total generated in Spain in this period and also means reaching a record of contribution to the system.

During the month of June, solar thermal energy contributed to the system 775 GWh, the second historical maximum and 9% higher than the historical average of that month, with points of hourly contribution that accounted for 8.84% of the total generated (average of monthly generation of 4.08% of total generation in Spain).

In June, the productions of the two solar technologies, photovoltaic and solar thermal, were similar (12% lower than solar thermal) despite the fact that the installed solar thermal power is less than half that of photovoltaic.

Protermosolar highlights that these figures are achieved with the same installed capacity as in 2013, demonstrating the reliability of the technology and the maintenance of efficiency despite the fact that several plants have already exceeded 10 years of operation.