WEBINAR Thermographic monitoring for early fire detection

early fire detectionbcb gave the second webinar “Thermographic monitoring for early fire detection” with great success.

Fire detection using the bcbFireScan thermographic system aims at online monitoring, continuous recording, as well as early and unattended fire detection.

For more than an hour specialists in the field discussed different topics related to early fire detection.

Topics related to the NFPA Regulation for PCI Systems applicable in America and Spain for fire detection, basic notions of thermography, early fire detection (principles and applications) and sectors prone to these incidents were addressed, as well as our proposals for each need.

bcb developed the bcbFireScan system for early fire detection by being able to detect any variation in temperature changes from what is being protected.

It consists of detecting the point of heat or the ember before the combustion process takes place.

Before the final question part, a live DEMO of the bcbFireScan was conducted which, together with the FLIR A700 thermal imager and real examples, demonstrated the importance of having an early fire detection system.

Thermography sees the invisible to our eyes