Sistema para monitoreo de subestaciones eléctricas


The bcbCondition system is capable of continuously monitoring the critical equipment and essential infrastructure of the plant, such as machines, electrical panels, motors, substations, etc. and thus avoid sudden failures with a high economic impact.

Backed by the quality and precision of Teledyne FLIR cameras, the bcbCondition has extensive communication capabilities to PLCs, alarm systems, HMIs, alerts via SMS and email. It offers full coverage of the factory’s areas of need with its ability to integrate more than one thermal imaging camera into the platform.

What includes?

System features

  • Continuous monitoring of equipment
  • Alarms for temperatures out of range
  • Temperature measurement in critical equipment elements
  • Individual alarms for each inspection zone/item
  • Simultaneous viewing of multiple cameras and unattended monitoring
  • Communication with CCTV system
  • Communication to audible alarms
  • Communication to PLC by ethernet protocols (Modbus, PROFINET, TCP/IP and many more)
  • Communication to PLC by serial protocols (USB, Profibus, RS-232, RS-485)
protección para cámara termográfica

Plataforma de monitoreo multicámara: que de la mano de la calidad de Teledyne FLIR y la protección adecuada para su entorno constituyen una solución muy confiable.

Posibilidad de integrar unidades de rotación-elevación (pan-tilts) para incrementar la zona de monitoreo (ideal para subestaciones)

Termografía para subestaciones eléctricas
Sistemas de inspección termográfica

Conectividad universal a tableros, PLCs, HMIs, VMS y SCADAS para notificar y alarmar de acuerdo a los protocolos de planta