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The bcbSealCheck is the most reliable and comprehensive thermal solution for verifying the proper sealing of 100% of the production.

Thanks to the sensitivity and speed of Teledyne FLIR cameras, this system is capable of identifying different types of discontinuities present on the packaging and executing marking and rejection actions for the product in question.

What includes?

System features

  • Specific thermal and vision processing for different types of products
  • Creation of catalogs for each line and automatic change according to the product in process
  • Characterization service for defects for each product
  • Communication with other equipment and process systems
  • Multicamera platform with physical protection according to environmental hygiene standards
  • Recording of temperatures and other parameters in SQL databases
  • Recording of images in radiometric format
  • Communication to PLC via Ethernet protocols (Modbus, PROFINET, TCP/IP)
  • Communication to PLC via serial protocols (USB, RS-232, RS-485)
Comprobación Termosellado termografía

Analysis adapted to each type of product on the equipped line

High synchronization and precision in inspection thanks to Teledyne FLIR technology

Sistema termosellado FLIR
Termosellado Termografía alimentos

Automatic catalog change functionality, code reading, and backup of results in the corporate database