The bcbSteelWorks is a set of systems developed to address the main needs of the steel industry.

Filling Level: For proper ladle filling.
Slag Detection: In ladles and distributors.
Refractory Wear: In ladles, furnaces, and thermo cars.
Length Checking: Straightness, Alignment, and Length.
Rolling: Checking in mill stages

What Includes?

System features

  • Thermographic and vision processing specific to each application
  • Communication with other equipment and process systems
  • Multicamera visualization
  • Temperature and other parameter recording in SQL database
  • Recording images in radiometric format
  • Definition of ROIs (Regions of Interest) and Isotherms
  • Communication to PLC via ethernet protocols (Modbus, PROFINET, TCP/IP)
  • Communication to PLC via serial protocols (USB, RS-232, RS-485)
Protección para cámara termográfica

Physical and communication robustness in the most extreme conditions

Precision and high repeatability: guaranteed by Teledyne FLIR technology

cámara termográfica siderurgia
Termografía sistema automatización

Catalog switching functionality, code reading, and backup of results locally and in the cloud