Laboratory tests have always been a fundamental part of Industry 4.0, achieving advances in the quality of the product, in order to improve its resistance, mechanical and electrical characteristics, as well as influencing the choice of suitable materials for its elaboration. These tests result in the choice of various brands that, thanks to their attention and dedication to the main regulations, have managed to position themselves as number one.

The mentioned positioning is also due to the achievement in the systems used and the reports generated, giving space to the bcbTestBench.

The bcbTestBench is a tailor-made system that, in conjunction with one or more FLIR cameras, manages to perform various laboratory tests automatically, quickly and easily.

It is a system integrated into a test cabin, a voltage source, digital or analog inputs and outputs, a computer for image processing, and visual and audible alarm systems for signaling the test.

bcbTestBench has graphing, over time, of the image temperature and other variables such as voltage, resistance or current. Its intuitive interface allows the user to manage, by password, the times of each test, the images to be recorded, the voltage and current values to be entered, and the generation of reports automatically or manually.

The main advantage of the bcbTestBench is that it can be adapted to any type of test where a thermal measurement is necessary.

System features

  • Thermal image display.
  • Communication with digital input and output cards.
  • Creation of database on disk.
  • Image recording and report generation.
  • Central of data history and statistics in real time.
  • Graphing of variables.
  • Access control by passwords.
  • Visual and auditory alarms for error management.
  • Integrated into emergency stop, power and reset buttons.
  • Adjustment of values for the test variables.