Multispectral inspection system assisted by mobile units in electrical substations

Last Tuesday the 12th, at the Morvedre electrical substation, bcb was part of an important event.

The demonstration session of the results of the use case of remote visual inspection and sensorization of SF6 in substations using 5G technology took place, this use case led by Elewit as a technological platform of Redeia(formerly, Red Eléctrica Group) is part of the Plan Nacional 5G, a program for the development of 5G technology pilot projects executed by the public business entity  and promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and co-financed with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). With funds from (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation).

The project has been the continuation of VODI, a project that began more than 5 years ago, dedicated to the automatic supervision of different elements of a substation through image processing. In this case, cameras with different wavelengths have been used: visible cameras, infrared cameras (both for point detection
hot as for SF6 leaks from Teleyne FLIR and ultraviolet (for detection of 240nm photons generated by corona effect). The system also consists of fixed posts and a Robotnik robot equipped with a platform with 2 degrees of freedom to automatically point the cameras at the desired element.

In the use case developed, the cameras are used to perform sensory fusion with IoT (including graphene sensors for detection of SO2 as a by-product of degraded SF6) and Edge Computing.

El estupendo trabajo conjunto de Robotnik, expertos en robótica y manipulación móvil y de bcb , expertos en sensórica, visión artificial y termografía infrarroja, ha permitido lograr una solución tan innovadora como la que se presentó el martes en la subestación eléctrica de Morvedre junto al Puerto de Sagunto, origen de los cables de alta tensión en continua (HVCC) para Baleares.

We thank Red Eléctrica and Elewit for the opportunity they have given us to participate in this project!