Webinar: Thermographic Applications for Mining

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bcb ‘s webinar on Thermographic Applications for Mining took place on Thursday, September 21, 2023, presented in English by bcb ‘s technical experts and titled “FLIR and bcb : Mining and Metallurgic Webinar.”

This webinar marks another milestone in the close collaboration between bcb and the leading thermal imaging camera manufacturing company Teledyne FLIR, which offered bcb its own communication platform to launch this content. As FLIR’s Key Industrial Partner, bcb has demonstrated that making its activity visible is beneficial for both companies and improves Teledyne FLIR’s competitiveness in the industry.

The webinar covered key cases related to critical infrastructure, production processes, and quality control that can be addressed using thermography in the mining industry. Some notable examples included heavy equipment monitoring, conveyor belt maintenance, mineral mills, and electrolytic processes for metal extraction. At the end of the case study presentations, bcb provided a practical demo of its bcbElectrolytic system, verifying the detection of hotspots on a remote surface.

This webinar successfully summarized and demonstrated the successful cases and expertise that bcb has accumulated for over 20 years in the metallurgy and mining sector, solidifying its position as one of the industry’s leading collaborators, both nationally and internationally.